July 15, 2018

A Matter of Trust – Psalm 34:19

Main Point: We should strive to trust God more by humbling ourselves and focusing on Him.

Worry – a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems

Why do we worry?

  • Ultimately, it’s because we don’t believe God and His promises.
  • We don’t trust Him.

So, why is that?

  1. We use the wrong filters.
  2. We’ve been burned by people, and we equate this with God.
  3. We get distracted by stuff.
  4. We become overwhelmed.

So, how do we break a lifetime of worrying?

  1. We begin to change our filters.
  2. We begin to remind ourselves that God is our rock and is incomparable.
  3. We begin to re-prioritize.
  4. We begin again every day.

Sermon Notes 07152018

By Jeramy Chapman