Have you ever said or felt that? I have, when a brown-eyed girl said: “I will” and later “I do.” That truly changed everything in my life. I was in Bible college majoring in downhill skiing and ping-pong. I had a brand-new set of ski equipment and a carefully arranged work and class schedule for what was most important – busting moguls and becoming the tiger of the student union ping-pong table! But with those words, she changed my priorities, schedule, spending patterns and study habits.  In one moment, it occurred to me that there are more important things in life than going downhill fast. Who’d have thought? I sold my ski equipment, abandoned the paddles and fell in love with studying the Bible and serving Jesus (and a brown-eyed girl).

There have been other defining moments in my life.  Everything in my life changed when…

  • I stared in disbelief at the financial gift that would allow me to continue getting a Bible education;
  • I stood by the graveside of the little girl who was the answer to years of our prayers – including my daughter’s nighttime plea for a “sister baby;”
  • I watched in wonder as God set a brother free from sins I knew were not possible to conquer.

Sunday we start our Passion Week studies entitled: This Changes Everything!  You can join us this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and Easter Sunday at 8:00 and 10:30 (don’t forget the brunch between) – and Good Friday evening at 6. Don’t forget to bring your friends – it might change everything for them.

Someone has said that “the one constant in life is change – everything changes.” I don’t believe that’s the whole story, but it’s one dynamic that will shape our lives. Things change, but God doesn’t.  Amid all the changes of life, God remains faithful and sovereign in transforming us and “making all things new.”

What about you, my friend? What have been your defining moments?  How would you finish that sentence? “Everything in my life changed when…”   You can share it for God’s glory and Mike’s sermon prep with mike@ssefc.org – who knows, it might change everything, for someone!