Ahhh, take a whiff of that! The savory aromas wafting into the room have everyone licking their lips and glancing toward the table. Gram got here early with her baked goodies. There’s a happy buzz of hugs and Noogies, OOOEWs and laughter, kid squeals and conversation. It’s a high and holy day for the family when we all get together like this. Little brother Phil already set the table. Papa Mike is in the rocker gathering all the kids for the Family Story. Yeah, we’re all a little irrked that Big Brother Bruce has been sitting at the table like a begging Saint Bernard – but he’s family so we smile at his cute puppy face.  Thanksgiving Celebration with the family!   No, I didn’t say Thanksgiving Day.  It’s this Sunday with your church family.  Really! We’re all ready.  The table really is set and there’s goodies and stories and conversation.  You don’t want to miss this Sunday at SSEFC at 10:30 a.m. because there’s “A Place at the Table.”  We’re ready for you, so all ya all’s join the family in your place!