Join us this week as we open a new study series entitled Real Choices, with a look at Matthew 7:13-14 in our first study I call “One-way Choices.”

Even though Bob was standing by Frank’s hospital bed with his hand on his brother’s shoulder – he knew there was a wide chasm between them.  They were in two different worlds, still, and Bob sensed that Frank was ready to fall into the chasm.

“I’m sorry Frank.  I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for the grace of God.  I didn’t intend…”

Frank cut in.  “Didn’t intend?  I don’t buy your B.S.  You intended to preach to me – again.  Don’t call it grace Bob.  You were born with a golden spoon in your mouth, and you’ve been fed a life of ease.”

“Well, Frank.  I guess you’re partly right.  If by B.S. you mean Bible Study – I guess I did come here to try to share the message with you again.”  Bob smiled and continued, “but, you gotta’ admit, you’re pretty good on a rant yourself.  Remember 60 years ago West High crowned you debate champion, not Mr. Congeniality.”

Frank’s face softened slightly as he thought of how he and Bob teamed up to dominate state speech meets, and eventually the court room – even though they were always on opposite sides of the issues and sometimes opposite sides of the judge’s bench.

“But Frank, a golden spoon?  Remember we were abandoned by the same alcoholic Mom, raised in the same children’s home and classmates in the same boarding school.  You ate with the same spoon I did.”

“You know what I meant you smart xxx.  You’ve got a wife who’ll die lovin’ your sorry carcass.  I’ve had four misfits with a lot of aloneness in between.  You’ve got money in the bank and I’ve got alimony and debt.  Why don’t you just go ahead and start the sermon on choices and finish the altar call by nailing me with choosing my own lung disease by my sinful lifestyle…”

“Frank.  All I can say is I love you.  And so does God.  In fact, he loves you enough that He sent Jesus to die for you.  And He wants to take your old life and give you a new life – the life of Jesus in you – and a new future – eternal life with Him…   and with me.   Frank:  I don’t mean to condemn you, but when I get to heaven I just want you to be there.   Be there Frank.  Be there.”

Frank and Bob personify all humanity.  We all are on one of two ways, running opposite directions and there is a widening chasm that grows between the two, and continues for eternity.