As a community we are committed to five life pursuits that will move us as individuals closer to God.

What we focus on directs the course of our individual lives and that of our church. Therefore, the vision of South Suburban Evangelical Free Church remains steady; we focus on God as he has revealed himself to us through his written word, the Bible, and the life of his Son, Jesus Christ. As we fix our eyes on Jesus, we are moved to proclaim the magnificence of his character and the wonders of his works displayed in his creation, especially in the lives of people who follow after him.
In our enthusiasm, we invite more people to pursue God with us. During this life-journey God is at work transforming our lives to look more and more like Jesus’ life. God’s ability to radically change people is demonstrated in us as we practice building relationships based on love, truth, forgiveness, patience, peace, and unity.

With that in mind, we encourage you to take the next step with God, no matter where you are in relationship with him

  • Reach out in the fullness of God’s love to the people where your life is lived.

  • Bring people along as you follow Jesus.

  • Connect in relational groups with others who are pursuing a life with God.

  • Grow in grace and knowledge of God in authentic community.

  • Serve in teams according to your individual strengths.

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Our Beliefs

In summary, our community exists to glorify God for the joy of all people by making disciples of all nations.