This Sunday is the premier of our new screens and a new study series: Missional Living – Passing on a Legacy of Life.  God’s call is summarized in the key verse, 2:2: “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also!”

In this training manual, Paul summarizes the missional life that he has been modeling for his apprentice Timothy.  God calls us to live for that same mission and make life count infinitely, eternally. He calls us to pass on this legacy of life – reproducing and multiplying life, in the lives of others to swell the eternal population of heaven and free hell’s captives.  This legacy of life ripples out into eternity with infinite impact.

Like any mission, there are big challenges, so God draws living lessons from the metaphors of a legacy: The soldier, the athlete, the farmer.  He inspires and motivates us to redeem our disposable culture and pass on something worth treasuring – life that lasts and continues to multiplies.

In this basic training we will follow God’s practical instruction for living in these last days.  We will learn how to:

  • overcome our fears and weakness to make a strategic investment of our lives;
  • develop the character and life that is worth passing on to future generations;
  • keep our lives together in a world that’s falling apart;
  • use God’s Word to build into and build up the lives of others;
  • draw living strength for mission from others as we commit to “be there!”

I invite you to join us through this study series as we discover how to multiply our life and legacy for God’s glory and our joy!