The welcome team puts people at ease, making them feel comfortable and cared for even when the setting or situation is unfamiliar.


People standing at our entrance have the opportunity to greet everyone with a smile, hand shake and a kind word. They demonstrate warmth and communicate honor to everyone.


Ushers welcome all attendees into the worship center, provide bulletins and guide worshipers to available seats when desired. We desire every person, whether they are a first-time guest or a regular attender, to feel as if they belong.


Connectors are people who are passionate about introducing people to people, people to places, and/or people to purpose. They listen to others and connect them in the way that best furthers their spiritual growth within our body of believers.

Guest Connections

We are committed to connecting with all our first-time guests in order to provide answers to any questions they may have, thank them for joining us in worship, and to share with them in a time of prayer.

Coffee Connection

Baristas create a friendly environment while serving rich cups of coffee. Those who serve in the coffee bar have a keen understanding of the impact that coffee has on fellowship and building community.

If you would like to serve on the welcome team, please contact Paula Vander Schaaf.

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