How would you finish that statement, based on your personal experience with God?

Which would it be?”

  • “I SAID YES, and am I ever …” OR
  • “I SAID YES, and am I ever …

Be honest with me.  How many times has God clearly commanded or asked you to do something – especially something difficult, or a new step of faith – and you said “yes” to Him but inwardly feared the outcome? How many times were you later surprised that God changed your fear into joy? It’s normal for us to fear the unknown and to dread attempting something new or difficult.  But I decided, years ago, that when I feared or dreaded doing something that I knew God asked of me – it said more of my poor view of God than it said about the difficulty of what I was facing!


Here’s my line of reasoning – which I still need to review regularly with God’s call to new faith-steps:

  • God is all-wise and infinitely gracious in directing us to what will give Him the most glory and us the most joy! Do you think people in heaven will experience the “bummer factor”?  There won’t be one person in eternity saying: “Yes I obeyed you, but I wish I wouldn’t have.”  Not one, in any decision small or larger; not one – guaranteed!!!!!!!!!
  • Any discomfort, fear or pain I experience in pursuing God’s call is very little and light when compared to the infinite glory, good and joy that will eventually come of it. Momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison…  (2 Corinthians 4:17 – read the whole chapter for some exciting news). Who complains about getting blisters when they’re directed to dig up a free chest of gold?


I’m excited about this missional week in the life of our church as we focus our REACH with the theme    “I SAID YES!”  We’ll hear testimony from those who have said “yes” and are saying “yes.” We’ll see opportunities to join Paul and others who’ve said “yes”, before, and now say: “And am I ever glad!”


Here’s a small way that I’m currently saying “yes” to a call from God.  I will be engaged in a short-term mission trip in February as part of a team that trains national pastors in Belize.  (See what I mean about the “bummer factor” in following Jesus?  I know it will be difficult to leave the beautiful, frozen Minnesota tundra to experience that horrible warmth and sand – but I’m willing to suffer!) I won’t extend this e-word, but if you’re interested in the details or want to join the mission, here’s a link to my first prayer letter.


Won’t you join us this week as we kick off our “yes” challenge in following Jesus?  Family movie night is Friday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday worship is 10:30 a.m. – “A Predetermined and Unconditional YES” from Isaiah 6.  Say, “yes!”