February 1, 2015
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Ephesians: The Ultimate Makeover - My New Identity in Christ

The Ultimate Makeover: My New Identity in Christ

We either come together in Christ or part ways with Christ.

Reasons to come together on common ground:

  1. The rationale for arrogant distinctions has been destroyed.
  2. We have been called together into one “new man.”
  3. We all have a common mission: preach peace!
  4. We all have common access to God in Christ.
  5. We all have a common citizenship in God’s kingdom.
  6. We all have a common foundation for eternity.

Challenge: Living in God’s community or parting ways?

The signpost to God and His community? (John 13:34-35 & John 17:21-23)

Who is the stumbling stone in the road?

I Have a New Community – Part 2