God created everyone and everything

for a good and loving purpose.

That’s why we dream of what life and love should be. God is the creator and starter of everything, material and spiritual. He has always existed independently from all he created. He acts in love for the good of all he has created.

People are made to glorify God in loving and purposeful relationship. That’s why we long for meaning in life and “something more.” We are made to be in relationship with God forever and to work together with him and other people for his glory and our joy. God gives us direction on how to experience a life of fulfilling purpose.

Sin is choosing our way in life rather than following God’s direction. That’s why we sense something is lost and broken in us and our world. All people start with the desire to be their own boss, replacing God’s plans and glory with their own. Rebelling against God’s rule over our lives results in spiritual and physical decay and death for us and our world.

We must believe what God says and receive life as a gift by trusting Jesus.

This is spiritual birth into a whole new life.

Jesus Christ is God’s Son

who came to earth to reorder our lives in relationship to God.

That’s why we have a longing for security and a fear of death. Jesus took up life as a man yet continued to be God. By God’s plan he took our judgment and satisfied God’s justice by dying on the cross in our place. Jesus broke the power of sin and death in his resurrection back to life.

Salvation is God reordering our lives in relationship to himself when we receive Jesus by faith as a gift of grace. That’s why we long for something or someone to reorder all life. God invites us to receive his Spirit and new life free from the judgment and rule of sin. We can’t do anything ourselves to take away our sin and its consequences so our lives fit with God’s purpose.

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