To View our livestream service, follow this link to Vimeo.

Beginning Sunday, June 14, we are excited to announce that we will resume in-person services at
South Suburban. We have been looking forward to this day for quite some time but need to ensure
that we temper our excitement with patience and wisdom. Our services will not look like they did in
March. We will be making a number of changes to ensure we are doing our part to keep people healthy
and ally fears.

First, know that we will continue offering livestream worship for those that may need to remain
home. If you are in the least bit uncomfortable coming to the campus, please take advantage of our
online presence. Out of respect for others, if you are someone (or have someone in your house) who
is feeling under the weather, stay home. While this may seem contrary to your personality or
upbringing, no one should feel obligated to come to church, especially if you are not well and risk
exposing others. If you are someone in the higher risk categories because of your age or
auto-immune issues, we encourage you to stay home. Your attendance to church is always voluntary
and understand that by attending in- person, you do increase the risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

Each week starting June 14, we will offer two services for people to choose from: 9a and 11a. There
will be no Connect Hour activities. The first service will be a ‘masks required’ service, meaning
that anyone who attends this service will be asked to wear a mask. The second service, 11a, will be
a ‘masks recommended’ service but not required. There will be no childcare or Children’s Church
during these services, but we will simulcast the service in the Fellowship Hall for families to use
without worry of their children distracting others.

Below are FAQ’s to help clarify expectations and answer question you may have. In these first
couple of weeks, please be patient as we figure things out. As the ‘dial is turned’ we will look to
see how we can better meet the needs of folks. In the meantime, please pray for unity and grace as
we meet together face-to-face.

FAQ’s & Things to Expect

• Every other row in the auditorium has been taped off. While families are encouraged to sit
together, to ensure proper distancing in rows, we recommend the ‘fingertip rule.’ If two adults
extend their arms towards each other and cannot touch fingertips, they are about 6ft apart. In
addition, we ask that you not sit directly behind another family, even with rows separated. Sit, if
possible, diagonally with at least 12 ft of separation.

• 25% capacity of our auditorium is 125. If we see we are exceeding this number, we may ask
some to sit in the Fellowship Hall. If we begin to exceed that number, we have other places to
livestream the service on campus. We are aware that the capacity numbers have changed but will be taking things slowly for the first few weeks.

• We ask that folks not sit in the Great Hall/Atrium during services. We will also not be
serving coffee or snacks.

• If you need to use the restroom, please use the ones next to the auditorium. The all-access
bathroom near the east entrance is also available. We suggest you limit your use of the bathroom
and make sure to avoid direct contact with bathroom doors. WASH YOUR HANDS!

• Between services, we will have a team that will wipe down the auditorium, bathrooms and other
areas of use but will limit access to the campus-at-large.

• We ask that you not go into areas that are cordoned off: they have been sanitized and closed
off to keep them clean for future use.

• If you wish to visit with others, please do so outside (it’s nice weather these days) and in
keeping with distance guidelines. Please no handshakes, hugs or other contact even if the other
person gives permission.

• If you do not have a mask, we will have some available to take.

• Please let the greeters open the doors into the church. This will reduce contact between
people. Doors inside the building will be propped open, except when service begins and the
Fellowship Hall doors will be closed by a member of the greeters.

• Bring your own Bible, Pen, Notepad. The ones typically placed in the seats will not be
available. This also includes Children’s bags. WiFi will still be available.

• In the near future, we will allow Small Groups opportunity to meet back on campus. But we are
not quite ready for this. Please give us a couple of extra weeks.

• There will be no printed bulletin, but message notes will be sent following the service for
further study.

• We will not be passing an offering plate. There is an offering box at the Welcome Center or
you can continue to give online.

Finally, we’ve attached some important reminders to help us serve one another.