April 3, 2015

The curtains of prophecy open as the universal audience of all “in heaven and on earth and under the earth” wait breathlessly. The spotlight of glory highlights a lone figure suspended between fallen humanity and the God who is a consuming fire of holy justice.

“Father forgive them!”

Blood and spit mix as they run down the face of the Crucified leaving on His tongue the bitter taste of death.

“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

The One who breathed Life into the dirt man-form now breathes His last. The sun goes into dark mourning and the earth shakes in fear as creature murders Creator.

“Into Your hands I commit My spirit!” The. End.

Lucifer laughs and the demons dance as the sneer of Despair opens its mouth to devour humanity with the God/Man’s lifeblood and sinless body.

“It is finished!”

Finished? Certainly, but not The End.

Not even the end of the beginning, but the beginning of all beginnings.

The earth writhes in labor pains as Life is birthed from the presumed barren womb of the grave. Saints, centuries past, walk the earth. The veiled barrier to the Holy of Holies splits open to welcome those who will enter by the New and Living Way of the Greater MegaPriest!

Alive, alive now and forever! He who is The Life has now tasted death and defeated the enemy. The curse is broken and Life breaks forth from the grave with the Victor — who promised that “the gates of hell will not prevail!” Those who follow in His resurrected wake, by faith, are “more than conquerors!”

The kingdom of God is unconquerable. The gospel is unstoppable! The gates of hell are indefensible! All hail to the King of Glory!

– Pastor Mike