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Freedom Without Danger

August 25, 2019 1 Corinthians 10 in Historical Context of the Exodus Self-control keeps freedom from becoming dangerous! The best circumstances do not assure integrity of heart. Difficult circumstances do not justify a sinful response. Challenge: Now, these things happened as examples for us so as a privileged people…

The Rewarding Life

August 18, 2019 I Corinthians 9:19-27 A disciplined lifestyle leads to a rewarding life! Disciplined choices: Focus on eternal goals. Exercise self-control. Challenge: Is the life I’m living worth…

When Rights are Left

August 11, 2019 A Survey of I Corinthians 9 God multiplies our joy if we know when rights should be left. Liberating Commitments: I will not be ruled by my rights. I will restrict my rights before I will constrict my ministry. I will not be enslaved by anything… I will become a slave to …

Balancing Love and Knowledge

August 4, 2019 A Survey of I Corinthians 8 True knowledge always acts in love! Considerations of informed love: Knowledge can provoke pride. Knowledge is incomplete. True knowledge submits in love. Challenge: Developing loving discernment.

Wise Choices: Freedom within boundaries

July 28, 2019 Good News in Jesus: We are free!Our freedom is greatest within boundaries1. The Boundary of Love2. The Boundary of Service3. The Boundary of Self ControlChallenge: I can’t 10:31 without 10:33 Pastor Mike Neely Sermon-Notes-07282019