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Choosing a Secure Life

June 10, 2018 Matthew 7:21-29 We cannot secure our future… Footings for a secure future: Listening to Jesus’ words! Obeying God’s Word. Standing upon God’s Word. Challenge: Check points for followers: Do I listen to obey? Do I love with action? Am I building an eternal empire? Sermon Notes 06102018    

Choosing to be Real with God

June 3, 2018 Matthew 7:21-23 God insists that we drop our religious disguises! Disguises: Religious words Religious associations Religious deeds Challenge: How can I do the will of my Father? Sermon Notes 06032018  

Masquerading Mentors

May 27, 2018   Matthew 7:15-20 Watch out for disguised mind-benders and life-warpers! Distinguishing traits of a mind-bender and life-warper: They are like wolves in sheep skin. They are like trees bearing toxic fruit. Challenge: Beware of spiritual leadership without: narrowness doctrine obedience Sermon Notes 05272018  

One Way Choices

May 20, 2018   Matthew 7:13-14 Life’s most important choices are mutually exclusive. Life’s most important choices: Choosing to start life. Choosing a life direction. Choosing where life will lead. Choosing a world view. Challenge: Choose you, this day… Joshua 24:15 Sermon Notes 05202018  

Real Choices

Join us this week as we open a new study series entitled Real Choices, with a look at Matthew 7:13-14 in our first study I call “One-way Choices.” Even though Bob was standing by Frank’s hospital bed with his hand on his brother’s shoulder – he knew there was a wide chasm between them.  They …