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Get Real About Kingdom Priorities

April 15, 2018   Matthew 6:33 and Assorted Passages Join God’s kingdom work now. Live out kingdom citizenship consistently. Serve the King! Challenge: Whoso chooses me, must give and hazard all he has! Sermon Notes 04152018 Dguide – Material Bondage  

Get Real about Material Bondage

April 8, 2018   Matthew 6:24ff. We are slaves of whom and what we serve. Chain Links: Compulsive obsession with life’s trivialities. Continued worry about future needs. Coveting replaces contentment. Character assassination of God. Challenge: Cut the chain! Sermon Notes 04082018 Quote Sources 04082018  

The American Dream vs The Kingdom Vision

March 18, 2018   Matthew 6:8-15 Get real about which Kingdom gets your life investment! Questions for a kingdom audit: Will I be satisfied with my life investment? Will I be gratified by my life direction? Will I be surprised by my real life master? Challenge: Which King and kingdom? Sermon Notes 03182018