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Choosing a Secure Life

June 10, 2018 Matthew 7:21-29 We cannot secure our future… Footings for a secure future: Listening to Jesus’ words! Obeying God’s Word. Standing upon God’s Word. Challenge: Check points for followers: Do I listen to obey? Do I love with action? Am I building an eternal empire? Sermon Notes 06102018    

Choosing to be Real with God

June 3, 2018 Matthew 7:21-23 God insists that we drop our religious disguises! Disguises: Religious words Religious associations Religious deeds Challenge: How can I do the will of my Father? Sermon Notes 06032018  

Masquerading Mentors

May 27, 2018   Matthew 7:15-20 Watch out for disguised mind-benders and life-warpers! Distinguishing traits of a mind-bender and life-warper: They are like wolves in sheep skin. They are like trees bearing toxic fruit. Challenge: Beware of spiritual leadership without: narrowness doctrine obedience Sermon Notes 05272018  

One Way Choices

May 20, 2018   Matthew 7:13-14 Life’s most important choices are mutually exclusive. Life’s most important choices: Choosing to start life. Choosing a life direction. Choosing where life will lead. Choosing a world view. Challenge: Choose you, this day… Joshua 24:15 Sermon Notes 05202018  

Real Choices

Join us this week as we open a new study series entitled Real Choices, with a look at Matthew 7:13-14 in our first study I call “One-way Choices.” Even though Bob was standing by Frank’s hospital bed with his hand on his brother’s shoulder – he knew there was a wide chasm between them.  They …

The One-Word Key to Authentic Relationships

May 13, 2018 Matthew 7:12 Others! Golden Applications: Adopt a kingdom lifestyle – not a crisis strategy. Commit to being proactive – not reactive. Consider others before your considerations. Challenge: Am I willing to trust God with the returns? Sermon Notes 05132018  

Real Communication with our Father

May 6, 2018     Matthew 7:7-11 Our Heavenly Father delights in His child’s requests. God is attentive and responsive to prayer. God is generous in answering prayer. GOD IS God – even when we ask as children. Challenge: Ask! Why? Sermon Notes 05062018  

Pearls, Pigs, and Pitbulls

April 29, 2018 Matthew 7:6 A lack of judgment will destroy you and defile God’s work! Investigative questions with Jesus’ answers from the text: Does following Jesus require us to drop all judgment? Who are the dogs and pigs referred to in this passage? What sort of people are we to judge as dangerous and …

Guidance for a Dangerous Virtue

April 22, 2018   Matthew 7:1-5 Judgment must be carefully guided. Guiding Precedents: I am not the judge – God is. Judgment applies both directions. Judgment follows compliance. Judgement requires care. Challenge: Opening my eyes to a critical spirit! Sermon Notes 04222018  

Get Real About Kingdom Priorities

April 15, 2018   Matthew 6:33 and Assorted Passages Join God’s kingdom work now. Live out kingdom citizenship consistently. Serve the King! Challenge: Whoso chooses me, must give and hazard all he has! Sermon Notes 04152018 Dguide – Material Bondage