Month: November 2018

Why is Thankfulness Important?

November 25, 2018       Why is thankfulness important? To be thankful is obeying God. To be thankful brings glory to God. To be thankful builds our faith as we remember what God has done for us. To be thankful for everything reveals our view of God. Sermon Notes 11252018 By Hank Griffith   …

A Vision of Gratitude

November 18, 2018 Acts 2:37-47 Giving thanks with joy is contagious! Prompts: It starts with the gospel of sharing life in Christ. It grows in sharing with one another. It requires awe in pursuit of God’s glory. Vision Challenge: What’s your vision of SSEFC in 2020? What’s your part? Sermon Notes 11182018    

The Confidence to Go for It!

November 11, 2018 Matthew 16:18 in context What’s it look like to go for it in taking the next steps of faith in following Jesus? Jesus vision for His church is… broken people mobilized in His unstoppable mission! Trust builders: Jesus is building. Jesus is building with broken people. Jesus is building a missional community. …