Month: July 2018

When We Mess Up Our Lives

July 29, 2018 Jesus saves us from our broken lives. Testimonies: A Harlot A Holy Man A Highwayman Challenge: But will my life ever be the same? Anyone can start a new life by: Repenting Receiving God’s Grace Provision Sermon Notes 07292018  

When We Struggle….Jesus Rescues!

When We Struggle….Jesus Rescues! Main Point:  Jesus rescues us in our struggles to grow us. Struggles are the perfect environment to grow:  courage, faith, peace, strength, compassion, witness, trust, commitment. Calming Certainties: Jesus sends us…. Jesus is with us when…          Isaiah 43:5 Jesus is the Master of… Evaluation:  What’s bigger in …

When We Worry … Jesus Rescues!

July 15, 2018 A Matter of Trust – Psalm 34:19 Main Point: We should strive to trust God more by humbling ourselves and focusing on Him. Worry – a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems Why do we worry? Ultimately, it’s because we don’t believe God and His promises. We don’t …

Jesus Rescues Us: When We’re Lost and Lonely

July 8, 2018   God takes great joy in bringing home the lost and lonely. Connection 1: The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin Connection 2: The Lost Son Connection 3: The Lost Son … that stayed home and lost out. Challenge: Closing the distance. Sermon Notes 07082018    

Family Fest and Baptisms

July 1, 2018   Baptism – an act of faith in obedience to the will of God for all who have been born again Baptism is a picture. Baptism is a testimony. Baptism is a command. Baptism is a commitment. Baptism is important. Baptism Notes 07012018