Month: June 2018

Following Jesus in Baptism

June 24, 2018 Why should a follower of Jesus be baptized? Reasons: Because God commands it, and it pleases God. Because Jesus modeled it for us, and it is part of doing the right thing. Because the apostles established it, and it was first-church practice. Because baptism is a public witness of our relationship with …

The Quest for Authentic Manhood

June 17, 2018   1 Timothy 6:11-15 What makes a man? The Four Pillars of Authentic Manhood Reject Passivity Accept Responsibility Lead Courageously Expect God’s Greater Reward Sermon Notes 06172018   By Jeramy Chapman

Choosing a Secure Life

June 10, 2018 Matthew 7:21-29 We cannot secure our future… Footings for a secure future: Listening to Jesus’ words! Obeying God’s Word. Standing upon God’s Word. Challenge: Check points for followers: Do I listen to obey? Do I love with action? Am I building an eternal empire? Sermon Notes 06102018    

Choosing to be Real with God

June 3, 2018 Matthew 7:21-23 God insists that we drop our religious disguises! Disguises: Religious words Religious associations Religious deeds Challenge: How can I do the will of my Father? Sermon Notes 06032018