Month: March 2018

The Lamb Led to Slaughter

March 25, 2018 – Palm Sunday   Jesus: The King of Glory Psalm 24:7-10 Jesus: The Lamb of God The Promise of the Lamb Substitutionary Death of the Lamb Isaiah 53:3-11  

The American Dream vs The Kingdom Vision

March 18, 2018   Matthew 6:8-15 Get real about which Kingdom gets your life investment! Questions for a kingdom audit: Will I be satisfied with my life investment? Will I be gratified by my life direction? Will I be surprised by my real life master? Challenge: Which King and kingdom? Sermon Notes 03182018  

The Follower’s Prayer

March 11, 2018   Matthew 6:8-15 A follower’s prayer is different than a hypocrite’s. Characteristics of authentic prayer: Prayer is the enjoyment of relationship. Prayer is an expression of dependence. Prayer is an empowering pursuit. Challenge: Don’t let prayer be imprisoned! Sermon Notes 03112018  

Thanks for sending me!

Dear Friends and Missional Partners: I want to thank you for your partnership in my mission to Belize City this past month.   This was a life-changing experience for me, as part of a team with REACHING & TEACHING INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. We provided training and support to pastors and leaders in Belize. My role was …

Prayer without Pretense

March 4, 2018   Matthew 6:5-15 Prayer is more than what appears. Characteristics of authentic prayer: Its effect is in private practice, not public review. Its power is in relationship not ritual! Its purpose is to transform us not change God! Challenge: Pray! Sermon Notes 03042018