Month: February 2018

Authentic Generosity

February 25, 2018 Matthew 6:1-4 Warning: Your reward check may bounce! Betraying Wrinkles of Cosmetic Christianity: Giving for self-glory = no reward. Giving for position or power = passing reward. Giving without pretense = eternal reward. Challenge: Dropping the mask on my motive to give. Sermon Notes 02252018  

Our Amazing God

February 18, 2018   Psalm 139 Omniscience = God knows everything Omnipresence = God is present everywhere Omnipotence = God is all powerful Conclusion – implications the author draws from his contemplation of our amazing God Delight – we should delight in God Detest – we should detest sin Desire – we should desire God …

Life on the Front Porch

February 11, 2018   aka – You’re not the boss of me! Matthew 6:2-4 Main Point: When we practice giving, like all authentic living, we should be careful that our motivations remain focused on an eternal perspective. The Front Porch – v2 The Shift – v3 The Eternal Perspective – v4 Sermon Notes 02112018 By …

Stripping Off Religious Cosmetics

February 4, 2018   Sermon Notes 02042018 Matthew 6:1-4 We must give up our religious masks to live authentically. Mask Removers: Authentic living quits staging for an audience of people. Authentic living lets go of temporal reward. Challenge: Beware of the natural religion of self-worship.