Month: December 2017

The Priority of Discipleship

December 31, 2017 Sermon Notes 12312017 Discipleship is a top priority of all God’s people. Identifying marks of a disciple A disciple is one who follows Jesus in: …in laying down his life. …in consistent obedience. …in active service. …with a passionate spiritual love. Challenge: Get on the path of discipleship, following Jesus.  

Christmas Chaos: Reordering Life and Eternity

December 24, 2017   Sermon Notes 12242017 The birth and rule of Jesus reorders our lives! Changes in the new order: Jesus rules over my expectations with history and eternity. Jesus rules over my comforts with authority to overrule. Jesus reigns over everything. Challenge: Am I ready for Christmas chaos?  

Christmas Chaos and Change

  The Christmas story is the story of radical change that may feel like chaos to earthlings, but is a well-planned reordering of life and all creation.  The birth of Jesus was more than simply a change of address for the Son of God.  In all of history, and eternity, this was unique.  Jesus’ birth …

Hope for Those who Doubt

December 10, 2017   …hope which enters within the veil… Hebrews 6:17 ff. Sermon Notes 12102017 Hope in Jesus secures me despite my doubt. Living Pictures of Hope in Jesus: A City of Refuge: I have hope despite my costly failures. An Anchor of the Soul: I have hope despite threatening circumstances. An Access, within …

Hope Waits

December 3, 2017   Sermon Notes 12032017 Hebrews 1:1-4 & Galatians 4:4 Hope waits. Hope waits on a promise fulfilled. Hope waits on perfect purification. Hope waits still. Challenge: Hope waits. Are you ready?  

Dad’s Waitin’

Is Dad Still Waiting…? What is prayer? It is obviously more than reciting our Christmas List to a Celestial Santa Claus. Certainly, it is more than a pry bar to use as leverage against a stubborn boss in the sky. It can’t just be a plug-in for connecting with “The Force” or divine power! I …